Epson 7110 initial set up


This is how we set our printers up so no guarantee but worked for us

Quick “how we set ours up” guide

Install printer as per instructions provided (normally install drivers before plugging in). DO NOT UPDATE DRIVERS FROM WEB and turn off automatic updates.
Follow the set up guide using the OEM carts that are supplied with the printer. This will put some pigment ink in the system however it is not the end of the world. This makes sure the printer is working and happy.
Once carts installed and printer ready perform a test print. This then shows that the printer works – yay!

Using the control panel on the printer choose change carts.
Your refill carts should now be filled and the air vent bung removed (read and follow all instructions provided).
Make sure you install all four colours (they wont work otherwise) and they “click” into their slots.
Close the cover. Printer will detect them as new and start to draw some ink.

Once completed again do a test print. What you have now is a printer with a small amount of pigment in it.
We then run some full page/full colour prints to get the subby ink flowing through. After a few pages you are ready to go.
Yes there is a small amount of wastage but only a one off but you are ready to subby print.

Never had a dud cart yet.

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