Refillable Ink Jet Cartridges

So you have your printer, inks and paper.  But know you need to get the ink in the printer and get going.

First of all this guide is based around an Epson 7110 using individual carts NOT CISS.  We believe CISS units are more hassle than they are worth and don’t use them.  We except no responsibility for this article and is for information only.


refill carts

We get our carts from inkgirl from ebay and have never had a problem.  Plenty of our supplier for these and they all work basically the same.  When you first open these up you should have a set of instructions – read them in case there are any special instructions.   Always use a full set as just using for example a black will NOT work.

You will find they have 4 main areas:

the cart that holds the ink
a refill hole (coloured bung)
a breather hole (clear bung)
a chip

To begin with you will need to fill the carts with a long needle syringe.  Simply draw enough up the syringe (about 10ml).  You need to remove the breather bung (clear one shown in image) then then coloured one.  This is where the ink is added.  Slowly add the ink avoiding any spillage.
Repeat for each colour avoiding touching or getting ink on the chip at the front.  The coloured bung needs to be replaced but the breather is left out.  Then click each into place in your printer.  Follow our other guide for first time set up

And that’s it but remember don’t update the printer firmware.

Ok so know they are in operation things to understand and remember.  When you use an OEM cart the printer knows exactly how much ink is in it.  It counts every drop it uses and then tells you when it is empty.  When you use a refill it assumes the same.  However the volume of ink will never be exact.  If you then refill them before it is empty (which you should do to avoid air locks) then the printers count will be out.  So never judge the ink level by the printers read out – check them manually and regularly.  It will sometimes tell you it is empty (even when full or partial full), simply perform cart change ie eject cart via the control panel then replace and away you go.

When you change carts during a print run you will get two prompts to confirm non OEM carts.  First is on the printer then one on your PC but only after the current has finished.


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